Salary of Teachers in Ghana 2023, Their Job Descriptions and Roles

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If this same question always runs through your mind, then in this article we shall be clarifying things to you.

There are two or three categories of teachers in the Ghana Education Service. The Graduate teachers (Principal Superintendent) and the Diploma teacher (Senior Sup II  or Senior Sup I). Each of these categories has a salary difference due to rank, work experience, and the number of years of service.

Previously, Teacher salary used not to be something encourageable. But with the introduction of the single spine policy in Ghana, there comes a massive increment in their salary. Today, a teacher in Ghana’s Education Service takes not less than 800 Ghana cedis a month.

We shall look at the detailed breakdown of the salary structure of teachers in Ghana later. But before that, let’s first look at some of the job descriptions of teachers.

Description of job position

  • Teaching natural sciences and general education subjects.
  • Keeping attendance records and records of the lessons given in the classroom.
  • Explaining new lessons to students, and dictation of notes.
  • Testing the students’ knowledge in the form of verbal answers and written tests.
  • Assessing the students’ knowledge using marks.
  • Preparing educational aids to support the educational process.
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The Salary Structure of Teachers in Ghana

Teachers in Ghana are paid based on their qualifications, rank, experience, number of years of service, and work schedules in the organization.

Fresh Diploma graduates from the College of Education are put under Senior Sup II with a salary pay of approximately GHS900 + a percentage increase in salary each year.

After Teaching for 5 years or more this new diploma teacher will be upgraded to Senior Sup I with a different salary structure.

Graduate teachers are placed under the Principal Superintendent (either professional or nonprofessional) with a salary of between 1800 to 2500 which is also subject to some increments.

See below the Sample Salary structure for Diploma Teachers from the College of Education.

Single Spine Monthly Salary                                        1699.00

SS Teachers Retention Premium                                254.85

Social Security Contribution Employee                     (93.45)

Income Tax                                                                      (248.25)

Coalition of Concerned Teachers Gh Dues                (20.00)

Coalition of Concerned Teachers Funds Dues          (80.00)

Gross Monthly Pay                                                        1953.85

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Net Salary                                                                        1,512.15

Annual Salary                                                              20,382.02

YTD Gross Pay                                                            24,674.95

YTD SSF (WORKER)                                                1,122.78

YTD INCOME TAX                                                  3,008.59

EMPLOYERS S.S.F (Monthly )                              220.88

YTD                                                                              2,653.82

As mentioned earlier, teachers’ salaries are subjected to some Incremental Jump on a yearly basis. and from what we’ve gathered, the yearly increment salary jump of teachers is somewhere GHS 100.00 payable every September.

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Degrees Teacher Salary

In another development, we found out that, Diploma teachers who have gone to the university to upgrade their diploma certificate to a degree get paid an increment salary of GHS 200 in addition to their  Diploma Salary.

What this means is that, if say a teacher takes GHS 1245.00 as his Net salary every month. Then After upgrading the diploma cert to a degree cert, this teacher will now be taking a net salary of GHS 1245.00+ 200 = 1445.00

Please note, the above information is for educational purposes and is subject to verification. This is not the fixed/actual salary structure of teachers in Ghana but a sample of a salary structure of teachers to serve as a guide for you.

Alright, guys there you have it. The salary of diploma teachers in ghana 2023, salary structure of teachers in Ghana, newly trained teacher’s salaries, and the salaries of teachers. Hope you find this article helpful.


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