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The Nation Builders Corps (NABCO) Has Marked its 2nd Anniversary

The Nation Builders Corps (NABCO) has marked its 2nd anniversary at the Accra Digital Centre under the theme “ GETTING OUR GRADUATES TO WORK: THE BEGINNING OF THE TRANSITION TO PERMANENT JOBS”.

The scheme from birth saw the creation of 100,000 jobs for unemployed graduates for a 3-year duration during which time they are expected to gain maximum experience and skills to enable them to get permanent jobs.

Speaking at the ceremony, the Chief Executive Officer of the scheme who also doubles as the Parliamentary Candidate on the ticket of the New Patriotic Party for the Tamale Central Constituency, Dr. Barhama Ibrahim Anyars profoundly commended President Akuffo Addo for this timely intervention.

He added that the scheme as part of its objectives was to ensure temporary employment and also to help trainees improve on their skills and rebuild their capacities which would be churned into appropriate quarters for maximum utilisation for the benefit of mother Ghana.

Dr. Barhama also mentioned that Nabco has signed an MOU with the National Board for Small Scale Industries ( NBSSI) to train 19,000 personnel into entrepreneurship and also, institutions will have to retain 50% of personnel posted to those institutions.

He further indicated that NABCO is a demand-driven programme and not just to impose trainees on institutions.

As such, trainees are only posted to where their services are needed and not where they want to go.
He used the platform to recognise the efforts of institutions such as Ghana Education Service, Ghana Health Service, Ministry of Information, and other relevant state and private institutions for cooperating to help roll out the programme.

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The CEO of the scheme highlighted a 3 tier model that would be available to personnel as the scheme has only one year more to operate, and the modules include;

– Retention of trainees whose services are needed at the current institutions.
– Supporting trainees who would want to venture into entrepreneurship
– Provision to be made for those who would like to further their studies .

And as for Nabco as an organisation, Dr. Barhama indicated that an impact assessment would be done, and based on the feedback, the President may want to keep it but perhaps in a different form since per his assessment, the scheme has impacted so much in the various sectors positively.

He recognised and thanked his Regional and District Coordinators for their massive input into the scheme and the impact they were making at their various organisations.

Ask during a Question and answer time about the NDC promise to provide decent jobs for graduates, Dr. Barhama Said: “This is about the record and the record is clear. President Akufo Addo is still treating malaria inflicted by the former President. He wanted our graduates on the streets.

President Akufo Addo has put them into offices”

Source : The Voiceless Media

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