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5 Useful Tips on How to Use LinkedIn For Job Searching in 2021

5 Useful Tips on How to Use LinkedIn For Job Search in 2021


5 Useful Tips on How to Use LinkedIn For Job Search in 2021

LinkedIn is an incredible place to build connections with friends and potential employers. Every working person, job-seeker, companies, and students are now on LinkedIn because it offers the best opportunities for all.

Today, most of the jobs are being published on Linkedin and employers get to connect with their target recruits through this platform.

If you are a job seeker, then you might have already heard of LinkedIn as a professional site for job seekers. But the question now is, do you know how to use this powerful tool to search for your dream job? This we are going to discuss in this article.

Below are the 5 Useful Tips on How to Use LinkedIn For Job Search in 2021;

Create a list of your target employers and follow them on LinkedIn

Identify the companies you will like to work with, search, and follow them on their LinkedIn profile. This will give you first-hand information about what’s happening in these companies. Are there new job vacancies? when will they employ new employees? will the company be interested in the kind of skills i have? All these queries answers can be gotten from their page once you follow them.

Identify inside connections on your target companies

The greatest part of getting employed in the field you will like to work in is by finding professionals who are already working in that sector. These professionals when connected with can easily recommend you to the company as and when there are available vacancies that suit your qualification and skills in their companies.

Get notice and ask to connect with these professionals

You can get noticed by Professionals at your targeted companies and eventually getting connected by first following them. Make sure your profile is not private. Show your profile and don’t browse anonymously.

Always check their post and interact with them when necessary. You can always like and leave relevant comments on their post. Once you follow them and make some contributions to their post, you can ask to connect with them through their profile using personalized messages and notes.

After connecting with them for the first time, don’t ask them for a job. Keep interacting with them until they know you better. At a later date, you can let them suggest you to get included in their employee referral program. This will give you a win-win if they give your name to the employing department.

Make yourself accessible on LinkedIn

Make it easier for companies and individuals to reach you once they chanced on your profile on LinkedIn. Some companies will prefer to reach via email or phone calls. State the best option that you think you can get in touch as and when the need arises. List your email address or phone number in your profile summary and allow anyone to see your profile by changing your public profile visibility.

Use Linkedin to search for Recruiters in your industry

Each day, companies post available jobs on their Linkedin profile for interested persons to apply. As a job seeker, you can search for a job on Linkedin using the search feature on the website.

LinkedIn Jobs

For example, if you are into Accounting, you can use the LinkedIn search to search for recruiters in that industry. Just go to the search and type accounting jobs and filter the results base on the locations. This you can easily find the job of your choice if it’s available.

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