Are All NABCO Trainees Going to be Moved to YouStart? Details Below

Are All NABCO trainees Going to be Moved to YouStart? What happens to Educate Ghana and heal Ghana Trainees? All these questions are what most NABCo trainees have been asking and waiting for answers.

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Ever since the government gave the public a hint about moving NABCO trainees to the YouStart programme, there have been a lot of issues regarding this decision.

Most trainees and stakeholders have been asking to know if all the NABCO trainees will be moved to the Youstart programme. Some trainees even question the program’s relevance to Heal Ghana and Educate Ghana trainees. A matter which needs to be addressed.

Earlier this week, the Information minister made it known that, NABCO trainees will be moved to the YouStart programme when its launch. The minister is quoted to have said,

β€œThe government has been clear that for NABCO persons, they are going to be rolled on the YouStart programme which is aimed at ensuring that they have capital and technical support to start up their own businesses,”

This has brought about some misconceptions in the minds of most of the NABCO trainees. In this article, we are going to clarify things based on what was sighted in the YouStart policy paper.

The Policy paper for the YouStart, which was published on the Minister of Finance Website

, stated that “NABCO will support the NABCO trainees who desire to be entrepreneurs to grow/scale-up their businesses.”

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“This programme targets start-ups with founders under the age of 40 within the following categories, university graduates, high school leavers, vocational/diploma certificate holders, and other young people not explicitly defined above.”

Even though it’s not clear as to how the NABCO trainees will be enrolled on the YouStart, taking into account the above statement from the YouStart policy paper, one can say that not all trainees will automatically be enrolled. Only trainees who have the desire to be entrepreneurs shall be enrolled and supported. Some Trainees under Educate Ghana ‘may be’ transitioned into permanent employment by their MIPs as reported earlier.

Stay Tuned for more updates on the YouStart and NABCO Programme.

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