BECE 2023: Why the Delay in Release of Results?

Why the Delay in Release of 2023 BECE Results?

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Following the closure of the School verification and confirmation of the 2023 BECE placement portal, one would have assumed that the results would be released as soon as possible.

In the early days of November 2023, there have been some updates on the confirmed date for the release of BECE 2023 results for school candidates.

This came as a result of earlier information received from the MOE through the newly updated academic calendar. In that update, first-year students who happen to be the current 2023 BECE graduates are expected to report to school in the first week of December 2023. This means waec will have to release the results early for placement to to be done.

Candidates and their parents seem to be worried about the delay in the release of the BECE results since the month is coming to an end without a sign of the results coming out.

Most students and their guardians do contact us looking for the exact day/when will the results be released.

In our quest to find answers for you, we have come out with this new update to explain to you why there has been a delay in the release of the 2023 BECE results and the new date students can expect the results to come out.

Late Marking of Papers

The BECE 2023 exams started on August 7th and ended on August 11, 2023. In most cases, the results were expected to be released in the earlier days of November 2023 because that would have made up the 45-day period set by waec to release the results. But information gathered was that, as of the last days of October 2023, the marking of 2023 BECE was still in process. This means waec will need more time to sort things out before the results are released. 

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Heavy Workload at Waec and Examiners

This year’s BECE and WASSCE for school candidates came alongside each other. This means waec will have double work at hand, and most of the examiners who mark the papers also have overload work at hand. What this means is that the waec examiners will have to work with both the BECE and the WASSCE papers. Hence the delay in the marking and release of the 2023 BECE results.

What’s the New date for the release of 2023 BECE Results?

Taking a look at the above reasons and the current timing, the results for 2023 BECE candidates maybe not be released in the first week of November 2023, as earlier hinted, but rather in the second or third weeks of november 2023.

Please note that, at this stage, no one can give you the exact date on which the BECE results will be released. All we can do is give a projected period.

We shall update you with more information once we have the exact date for the release of the 2023 BECE candidate’s results.

Meanwhile, candidates can buy the BECE 2023 results checker and save it to be used when the results are finally released. See How to Buy BECE Result Checker Here

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