Cut-Off Point For Placement of BECE 2023 Graduates, SHS Placement Date

Find below the Cut-off Point For Placement of BECE 2023 Graduates, SHS Placement Date & More information reading the 2023 BECE Placement and results.

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The 2023 BECE results were released and candidates who sat for the exams are now happy and waiting for their placement. Even though some were not satisfied with the results, most of them are now looking forward to seeing their placement in school.

In our earlier update, we discussed When the School Placement Will Be Released. In this update, we are going to answer some of your questions with regard to the BECE 2023 result, 2023 placement, and school changes if any.

When are they going to release the 2023 B E C E placements?

The BECE SHS school placement is likely to be released starting from  22nd November  2023 to 24th  November 2023. If this comes true, then all BECE candidates who have qualified for placement can begin to check their placement.

What is the Provisional Result?

Is a result that is transitional in nature and given to candidates in order to be utilized until the time the original results are issued. A result that is existing for the present, which may or may not possibly change later.

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So can I change my provisional result?

You can not change provisional results. Only Waec can. Waec will later release the final results and if there are some changes to be made to your results, they’ll do it. Otherwise, no one can change your results.

BECE 2023 Cut-Off Point

The cut-off point for BECE 2023 is aggregate 45. But for you to get a school of your choice, you must obtain aggregate results of between 6 to 30. Candidates who obtained grades above 30 may have to do a self-placement or will be placed into their third or fourth school choice.

What is the bece 2023 percentage?

The BECE 2023 Percentage has not yet been released by waec. It only gave out statistics of the results against the 2022 results performance. The 2023 BECE percentages will soon be released.

What is the lowest grade for Bece?

The lowest grade for BECE is grade 9 and the highest grade for BECE is grade 1. Candidates who score grade 1 in all subjects are likely to get their first choice during the placement process.

Withheld papers when will they be released?

The withheld papers will be released only after WAEC has finished its investigation of the affected candidates.

From which grade are they picking this year BECE?

Candidates who obtained grades ranging from 6 to 30 will most likely be placed in their first and second schools selected. you get picked in this year’s BECE school placement if you obtained results not less than more than 45.

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