Confirm! NABCO April Stipends Duly Paid. Do This, If You’ve Not Received SMS

In our last update, we made mention that, the April Validation was done and trainees should expect their payment of stipends by the close of Monday 11th May 2020.

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We also mentioned that the payment may delay due to some issues which were taking care of at the payment center and the headquarters.

Now the long waiting is over, as most trainees have confirmed that, they have received a payment message for the month of April.

If you are a trainee with NABCO and have not vacated post, Not have e-zwich card issue, being regular at the post and always submit your monthly timesheet, then you should by now also receive your stipends payment alert.

But in case you haven’t received any alert, then you can go to the bank and check your card. There are instances where payment will be made by because of the difference between the Paying institution and the Message alert dispatch team, Payment can be effected but a message will not be received by trainees.

Our team has gathered some information that seems to be the case, some trainees have currently check their e-zwich cards and the money is there even though they’ve not received any payment alert from NABCO.

What to do if you’ve not received Payment alert and also check but not fund to load?

The Payment of NABCO stipends sometimes comes in batches due to some reasons only known to the NABCO secretariate. So if you check your e-zwich card and there is no fund to load, then what you can do is to wait patiently for the portal history update.

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When a trainee is paid, His/her status will change from ‘Processing Payment’ to “PAID”.

To be sure whether you are on the first batch or second batch of payment, you can check your portal to see the payment history.

If you’ve been paid, you’ll see your status as ‘PAID’. but if not, you should see ‘Processing Payment’ as a status under your payment history in the portal. If you see Processing Payment as a remark, then you can check this to see why such a remark.

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