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How check, Download and Print Ghana College of Education Admission Letter


The Colleges of Education Admission List for the 2020/2021 academic year has been released online and candidates who applied for admission in any of the colleges can now check their admission status using the below guide.

Candidates who were offered admission in any of the colleges across Ghana were sent Text Messages from their respective Colleges of Choice to print their admission letters.

In the SMS sent, all successful applicants were given Application Numbers as well as a PIN. If you’ve been selected without a PIN, you can still request a PIN from the College using your APP Number and Phone Number used for the application.

Now after getting the Application Number and the PIN from the school, what you need to do is to Visit the admission checker websites through the link

Once you’re on the page, you’ll be required to enter your Application Number and the PIN.

Enter the required details and then click on the Sign-in button. You’ll be taken to the admission page.

On that page, you will see your detailed admission letter, together with what’s expected of you.

Also, there will be two buttons located o the top left corner of the page. These buttons are PRINT and DOWNLOAD DOCUMENT.

Click on the Print button to print your admission letter.

After that come back and click on the “Download Document” to Download the additional documents which listed the items you’re expected to send to school.

After getting your admission letter, you can then proceed to pay your fees.

Alternatively, if you’ve not received your PIN, you can still check and print your admission letter using the below steps

First, open your web browser and visit the link This will take you to the college of education general admission page. 

Once you are on the page, you have to first select the year of application (2020/2021), the school that offered you admission then click on Check to proceed to the next page.

On the next page, you’ll need to enter your Application/Reference Number and then click on the Search Button.

After clicking on the search button, you’ll be displayed your details. This include:

AppNo Surname Other Names Programme Batch Academic Year Action Print

From here, you can click on the Print button to print the admission letter and go ahead to pay your admission fees.

Congratulations if your name is among the successful candidates admitted to the Ghana Colleges of education.

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