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WAEC: How to Pass BECE School and Private Exams with Ease in 2021

The Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) is one of the well-known examinations that mark the end of Junior High School Education and stepping into the second cycle of education. It’s the point of entrance and as a measurement of the degree of excellence to the outgoing students and pupils.

The body that is empowered and in general with the criteria of conducting this exam is the Ghana Education Service through WAEC. This exam is conducted yearly in the month of June to be precise. The exam and its exercise only last for a week unless there’s an issue that can easily call for cancellation or postponement of the programmed calendar. In the case of covid-19, and a sprang of war could call for the immediate effect of the above exam to be called off.

Only the schools that are approved by the Ghana education service are entitled to register and enroll their candidate to sit for the exams.

Off late registered candidates are allowed to make a choice of only four schools they wanted to attend before they sit for the exams and ultimately few months the results are to be published for them to check their status and possibly their placement in the SHS.

School placement is accomplished through the CSSPS (computerized school selection and placement system). This mode of placement is done with regards to the grades accredited to each candidate that sat for the exams.

Below are the subjects studied and taken for B.E.C.E, Mathematics, Integrated Science, Social studies, Religious and Moral Education, French, Ghanaian Language, Information Communication, technology, and finally Basic Design and Technology. See the BECE Grading System Here.

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As a student who is yearning to perceive a career in education, you must be prepared to sit for exams of this kind and making a great or an excellent pass or average in each subject you’re writing.

How to Make a Good Grade in BECE 2021?

Below are the key points and certain strategic guidelines that could help one make one pass his B.E.C.E exams.

Forming a Group of Serious Students to have Extra Tuition within You After School: You could have that perfect time schedule to study as a student in a group. This way of learning has a key advantage, basically because it divides the workload of each student or participant so each student can share what he or she learned about a topic the group targeted.

Start your Studies as Early as Possible: Some students are of the habit of waiting till the exams fall closer before they carry their guard and putting all of their momenta to make a pass. This really doesn’t help and it fails you in advance at whatever course you wanted to undertake not even in exams. This is therefore not advisable.

To add to the above, it’s good to study using strategies that could help you assimilate lessons and topics that you have been taught. Each student learns in a very different and unique way, one has to be conversant with how he responds to a different mode of learning for him to make a choice that could favor him to make a pass.

Take Advantage of Past Questions: It’s good to make a way to the previous questions that the past students have sat for the same exams you now going to. This is to make traces to the last question as it will create certain impression and impulses as to how the exams you are yet to write is, and it would make you highly prepared and ready for the exams.

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Final Advice

There are no existing short means to getting a good grade in B.E.C.E. All you need to do is to study very hard and get yourself heavily prepared if indeed you want to walk out with flying colors. Read More on How to Learn and Understand here.

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