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NABCO: Beware of FAKE NABCO New Recruitment Links

Over the week there has been a link together with a flyer circulating in most of the NABCO groups and social media platforms indicating that, a new recruitment portal has been open for new interested person to apply.

On that flyer, trainees where given the out line on how to apply for this new “Claimed recruitment portal”. Later, the attention of the NABCO authority was brought to this new information and immediately released a disclaimer to the general public.

The NABCO authorities made it clear that, there are no new recruitment going on and that, the said link given was fake and not coming from the secretariat.

How to identify Fake NABCO Recruitment Links.

First look at the link given: when you look at the link given on the said recruitment portal, it ended with “.online.” This is a different thing all together.

NABCO is a government of Ghana’s programme and all government of Ghana’s sites mostly ends with So in order to know if a link for recruitment from NABCO is genuine , such link must correspond with the government’s of Ghana’s extension (

The actual NABCO recruitment platform link is . So any link given out that claimed to have come from NABCO should look like the above link.

So from the look of the link given, there information circulating is fake and that No any recruitment going on.

We shall continue to bring you more update on NABCO recruitment as and when we have new information. So for now, what we can tell you is to stay away from any of these links.

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