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NABCO Has Brought Something of Value to Our Dear Nation – Dr. Anyars

Fellow Nation Builders, Three years today, President Akufo-Addo announced 100,000 job opportunities for the tertiary graduates of our nation. This marked the birth of the Nation Builders Corps (NABCO). What a huge relief this has been to the mass of our graduates who experienced disillusionment and lack of opportunity to join the labour market!

Through an innovative and creative partnership with the public and private sector, all one hundred thousand gained the opportunity to develop their work readiness: a guaranteed work placement lasting longer than 24 months, space to build their skills, a monthly stipend of Seven hundred Ghana Cedis, and better still frequent training and continuing professional development. To many, it is simply NABCO.

The NABCO story is one of astounding success: our trainee graduates are more confident, have felt secure, dignified, and well-served during their tenure. Even better, tens of thousands have transitioned into permanent employment. Thanks to such a bold and innovative initiative by President Akufo-Addo.

The project has been a win-win for the trainees and the nation. Over 3,000 public and private sector institutions have been served by the NABCO workforce (our Module Implementation Partners): education, healthcare, agriculture, digitisation, revenue mobilisation, local government, and private enterprises.

To all intents and purposes, NABCO has brought something of value to our dear nation. The very democratic distribution of the workforce, with a visible presence in every district and region, bolsters further the rationale for its creation.

While the impact evaluation is awaited, there is no doubt that the scheme entails a narrative of hope, dignity and an enabler to the futures of young persons in Ghana. Whatever its ills, 100,000 tertiary graduates at work in progress compared to the absence of aspirations previously experienced while at home.

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Coincidentally, today marks International Labour Day 2021, a day set aside to celebrate workers across the globe. In the spirit of the day, strengthened by the practical action to reduce youth unemployment in Ghana, we celebrate and further encourage our graduate trainees to be more adventurous in their quest to fulfill their life-long ambitions.

We owe our fellow citizens visible evidence of our personal and professional growth as we make our definite contribution to the nation-building effort.

Thank you, President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, for NABCO. Your care for the betterment of the youth of this nation continues to be celebrated.

NABCO, I am a Nation Builder!

NABCO, We are the Nation Builders!!

Happy Workers’ Day 2021!!!

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