Nabco NSTA Alert: Why You Got That Message & What You’re Suppose to do

The nation Nation Builders Corps (NABCO) program is a government initiative to address the issue of graduate unemployment in the country which is also aimed at solving the social problem engaged by the youth.

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The focus of the initiative will be solving public service delivery in health, education, agriculture, technology, governance, and drive revenue mobilization and collection.

After a successful one year implementation of the program, the NABCO Academy was launched to help trainees gain some additional value to add to their certificate which will go a long way to help them get employability skills and further learning opportunities.

According to management at NABCO, The NSTA will be used to deliver learning and human capital development tools for skills; upskilling & reskilling of talents. These skills development tools in addition to the trainee’s workplace practical skills acquired are to enable every trainee transition through the following exit pathways:

Retention: Pursue employment with current NABCO employment provider or seek employment elsewhere using sector skills developed,
Entrepreneurship: Pursue the establishment of a business as an entrepreneur,
Further Learning:  Pursue focused further learning to lead to other future careers

How can i participate in the NSTA?

To participate in the NSTA program, you must first register on the platform. There are two platforms you’ll need to sign up before you can begin the learning process.

  1. The Nabco Skills and Talent Academy Platform
  2. The SWAYAM Platform (Main Learning Portal)

How can i register on the NSTA Platform and the SWAYAM Portal?

The NSTA Platform does not require registration before you can be signed in. The platform is connected to your already exited NABCO Database. Thus, the details you used to register of NABCO at the Registration stage.

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So to have access to the NSTA platform, you only need to remember those details( NABCO Reference Number and Nabco Password).  Once you get that correct, you will be able to have access to the NSTA platform.

The NSTA platform contains recommended Courses based on the trainee’s module. meaning, these courses are carefully selected by the NABCO Management team based on their area of relevance. If you are in the digital ghana module, you have a list of recommended course, likewise, those in Revenue, Heal, Feed, Educate, Enterprize and Civic.

After Getting Access to the NSTA Platform Whats Next?

Once you are on the NSTA platform, you first have to select your module and then look through the list of recommended courses for your module, click on the course that catches your attention to select. Once you’re clicked on it, you’ll be directed to the SWAYAM Page. This is where the real fun begins.

On this page, you are supposed to Sign-in/Register an account before you get access to the topics and course material. This is where most trainees got it wrong. So if you are reading this article, make sure to pay attention to what we are going to tell you and you’ll not get such a message directing you to register again.

Now, once you are on the SWAYAM Platform, you have to join/Sign in. To sign in/register on the SWAYAM, You’ll need a Gmail account. This Gmail account must be created using your NABCO Reference Number.

Please, that Note that. Any account registered on the SWAYAM platform that’s not with the NABCO REFERENCE NUMBER will be considered invalid by NABCO.  You can check this article to see how to Create a NABCO GMAIL ACCOUNT.

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Assuming you’ve already created a Gmail account using your NABCO Reference Number, and you find yourself on the SWAYAM learning center, the next thing is to SIGN-IN/REGISTER. On the Swayam platform, you’ll see the sign/register button, click on it and then select google to finish up the registration process on the SWAYAM platform.

What’s Next After Registering on SWAYAM?

It’s worth mentioning that, most of the recommended courses on the NSTA platform are already in session and that means one cannot join. Enrollment for those courses has ended. So as a trainee who is still interested in those courses, you’ll need to wait for them to be reactivated before you can be enrolled. A check shows that those courses will soon be reopened for enrollment.

Now, after registering/ signing on the SWAYAM learning center, you have two choices. you can proceed to start a course that is open for enrollment, or you can wait for your preferred course from the NSTA Platform to be reactivated.

I’ve Registered on the SWAYAM and Login to NSTA But Still Got the NABCO Message, What SHould i do?

There are three things you should note/do:

  1. The fact that you login into the NSTA does not mean you have registered/activated a Course
  2. ON the Swayam page, Make sure you see your NABCO Reference Number as Your Username.
  3. In some cases, to be fully activated, you’ll have to just go ahead and pick a course that is open for enrollment.

Do the above, and you are done. But please note also, if you are sure that you did all of the above correctly but still had that message directing you to go to the NSTA platform and register, just ignore the message. We are sure it is an auto-generated message. But if you’ve not done any of the two, then make sure to do so.

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