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NABCO: No Single Qualified Trainee Will Be Left Out of Permanent Employment

NABCO: No Single Qualified Trainee Will Be Left Out of Permanent Employment.
The NABCO secretariat wishes to bring the attention of all trainees regarding their uncertainty of the NABCO permanent employment, Further Studies, and Entrepreneurship.

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This has become necessary because of the false information being peddled by some trainees and the public that, the scheme is coming to the end and trainees will be left to go home.

A social media update sighted by shows that NABCO is committed to its promise and has assured all trainees that, No Single Qualified Trainee Will Be Left Out of Permanent Employment, Further Studies, and Entrepreneurship.

See the below the Quick Notice Released


We are in the month of October which per the engagement letter, marks the exit month of all NaBCo trainees. We understand how desperate trainees are regarding their permanent employment, Further Studies, and Entrepreneurship.

We assure you that, no single qualified trainee will be left behind. Between now and the month of December, all qualified trainees will be transitioned into either ENTREPRENEURSHIP, PERMANENT EMPLOYMENT, OR FURTHER STUDIES. 

However, all trainees are adviced to stay at post from now through to December until you receive your appointment letter as a permanent staff wherever you work.

In the meantime,  We wish all NaBCo trainees under EDUCATE MODULE happy teachers’ day.

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