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When Is NABCO Ending & Can NABCO Be Permanent?

When is NABCO ending? Can NABCO be permanent? Is the NABCO portal opened for 2021? Is the government recruiting NABCO trainees? All these are some of the most asked questions by NABCo trainees.

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If you are a NABCO trainee who is looking for answers to the above questions then you are on the right page. On this page, we are going to give you all the answers to the above questions based on the information we have at hand.

When is NABCO Ending?

The month of October 2021  per the NABCO trainees engagement letter, marks the ending month for all NaBCo trainees. This means that all trainees are expected to end their contract with NABCO after October 2021. But as it stands, information at hand indicates that all trainees are advised to stay at the post from now through to December until they receive their appointment letter as permanent staff at their workplace.

Can NABCO be Permanent?

Yes. NABCO can be permanent and all eligible NABCO trainees will be recruited as permanent staff at their various Institutions. This has been confirmed by the president of the Republic of Ghana during his visit to the Bono Region. Also, a memo sighted by our teams also confirmed that no single qualified trainee will be left behind.

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Is the government recruiting NABCO trainees?

Yes, the government of Ghana has made a promise to recruit all eligible NABCO trainees as permanent staff at their various places of works. All necessary arrangements have already been put in place to recruit these qualified trainees into permanent employment.

When is the NABCO Permanent Posting?

The NABCO permanent posting is scheduled to begin between the Month of October 2021 up to December 2021. Until then, all eligible NABCO trainees are advised to still continue to be at post so they’ll not be left behind when the appointment letters for the permanent jobs are being issued.

Will there be a NABCO new contract?

Yes, trainees who did not qualified to be on the permanent recruitment will be re-enrolled into NABCO for the next contract. New NABCO trainees will also be recruited by the government and this is going to be a fresh application.

Why the delay in September NABCO Stipends payment?

The delay in September stipends ‘maybe’ as a result of the processes being carried out at the secretariat to make all NABCO trainees permanent staff at their various places of works.

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