NABCO: Possible Reasons Why You were Not Paid January and February

NABCO has so far paid its trainees stipends for the month of January 2020 and February 2020 but unfortunately, most trainees didn’t get their pay and no reason was given to them.

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Others also had February 2020 Stipends without January 2020 own reflecting on their e-zwich account. These have brought a lot of issues and confusion among trainees especially with the recent rumors that say NABCO does not own any trainee.

If you are a trainee with this kind of issue, then below might be one of the reason and way forwards:

I was not paid for January and February

There has been a complaint by most trainees regarding payment of stipends for both January and February 2020. These sections of trainees neither had January stipends nor February.

Some of them said when they checked on their portal to see the payment history, there were no records concerning those two moths.

From our cross-check and facts finding concerning that situation, we go to know that such trainees were not yet paid and for that matter, they should expect to be paid arrears soon.

I Had February Stipend without January

When January 2020 stipends were paid last week without a message, Many trainees check their cards and there was no fund.

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These trainees expected to get paid for January before February will be paid. But fortunate and unfortunately, NABCO went ahead and paid February 2020 without sorting those with January arrears.

Most trainees who didn’t have their January stipend got February payment message and when they checked, it was actually February payment alone which reflected on the card.

These trainees become scared because they are confused as to why they were not paid for January but February was paid.

From the information gathered, it shows that trainees who have not received January but had February, will be put on arrears and they shall be paid in due time if and only if:

  • They qualify for payment at the said month,
  • They’ve  uploaded your timesheet,
  • They were validated by your district coordinator
  • and finally, they were not reported by your MIPs.

I was not paid both January and February and Reason was” Not Reported By MIPs”

There are other sections of trainees who also had an issue with their payment for both January and February. They were not paid and when they checked their portal payment history, they saw that there were actually not paid by NABCO and the Reason was” Not Reported By MIPs”.

If you found yourself under this situation what it means is that you are either not at the post, or you didn’t report to the institution being posted by NABCO on your Postings letter.

There have been some cases where most trainees were posted to an institution by NABCO and these trainees go to their District coordinators for local re-posting without taking any further steps to inform the NABCO HQ of such arrangement.

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In that case, NABCO can decide to contact the original place of posting to find out if you are at post or not. when such happens, because you’ve not actually reported to that Institution(MIPs) they will inform NABCO that you have not reported and hence the reason above.

What’s The Wayforward if you find yourself under this category

If you are one of those trainees with ” Not Reported By MIPs” what you can do is to first access yourself and see if you’re at post or not before contacting your district coordinator.

Make sure to get in touch with your District coordinator and explain your situation to him. If actually, you were locally reposted by the District coordinator, you must provide him your copy of Assumption of duty and other relevant documents including a letter from your current institution to prove that, you’re actually reposted locally.

Once you’ve done that, your coordinator can then forward your case to the NABCO HQs for immediate action to be taken.

Meanwhile, works on those who have not yet received their stipends from January 2019 to December 2019 are still ongoing and such trainees are assured of getting their pay anytime soon.

For Now, all that NABCO is asking trainees is to be patient and give them time as they are trying to sort all trainees to bring an end to the arrear issues and also have a smooth payment henceforth.

Newly recruited/replaced trainees are also assured of getting their pay any moment from now.

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