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NABCO: Trainees with “Not Eligible” Remark for January 2021 Stipends Now Paid

Earlier this month, The NABCO trainee’s stipends for January 2021 were paid to all eligible trainees. Unfortunately, Most trainees were not paid due to some reasons only known to the NABCO secretariat.

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Later, when they checked their portal, they had a strange remark “NOT ELIGIBLE” as a reason for them not been paid for January 2021.

These affected trainees were unhappened about the kind of payment by NABCO and are looking for reasons for them having such remarks on their portal. It later appears that there were mistakes that resulted in them have such remarks.

Now information reaching our team is that the stipends for NABCO Trainees with “Not Eligible” Remark for January 2021 are Now Paid.

If you are a trainee with the NOT ELIBIBLE remark, who is regular at the post, have submitted timesheets for January validation, then you should by now receive a payment message. Otherwise, you can walk into any of the Banks or e-zwich machines and cash out your monies. 

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