NABCO September/October 2021 Stipends Dully Paid, See what to Do if You’ve not had Yours

NABCO September/October 2021 Stipends Dully Paid, See what to Do if You’ve not had Yours:

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Earlier today, we gisted you about the plans put in place by management to pay NABCO  stipends for September/October 2021.

In that update, we also made it clear that, per the information available, payment can take place at any time within the week.

Now information reaching us shows that the September/October 2021 arrears were paid without SMS.

What to do if you’ve not received yours?

  • First, visit the bank or any e-zwich machine and load your card.
  • Once your card is loaded, the balance will be shown to you.
  •  If you’ve been paid, then you can go ahead and cash out.
  • But if you’ve not been paid, you are advised to stay calm as processes are also in place to pay some sections of the Revenue Ghana trainees in the second batch.
  • Any arrears owed will be equally be processed and paid subsequently.

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