NABCO: Update on Payment of Trainees With Arrears 2021-2022

NABCO: Update on Payment of Trainees With Arrears 2021-2022. If you can recall, the NABCO trainee’s stipends for September/October 2021 were paid in the second week of February 2022.

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During the mass payment of the stipends, some trainees (Heal Ghana and Revenue Ghana) were not paid. Subsequently, it was made known that the payment of the stipends for the said months was made in batches.

“Kindly note that a section of Revenue Ghana will be paid after this first batch of payments. Any arrears owed will equally be processed and paid subsequently.”

Most affected trainees were of the hope that the second batch of payment will be done a week after the payment of the first batch. We are now in the third week since the first batch of payments were made and there is still no sign of NABCO paying the affected trainees.

As an affected trainee, we know there are some questions going on through your mind, and one of these questions may be When Will Trainees Stipends Arrear For September/October 2021 Be Paid?

In this update, we are going to explain to you what happen and when you should expect payment if things go as planned.

Earlier this year, we had hinted you that, the September/October 2021 allowance payment was delayed due to the unavailability of funds.

Later, an update from the NABCO secretariat also confirms that payment details for trainees have been submitted and waiting for monies to be released for the payment to take effect.

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Our sources told us that, some monies were released for the payment of the September/October 2021 stipends. That the funds available were not all that enough for it to cover all the trainees in one payment. Hence, the payment is made in batches.

When Will The arrears for September/October 2021 Be paid?

Per the information available to us, trainees who have not had their September/October 2021 stipends are likely to be paid next week. This includes both Heal Ghana Trainees and a section of revenue Ghana trainees. Stay tuned as we continue to bring you more updates regarding NABCO.

  • NABCO: Update on Payment of Trainees With Arrears 2021-2022

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  1. Grace Lorna Hoyle says

    This is unfair how can we work with arrears not being paid God will punish the president and his leaders for making NABCO trainees suffer for u eat but for us we should drink water

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