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NABCO: Update on Heal Ghana Trainees Payment, See Details Below

The NABCO trainees stipend for April, May, and June were paid in the latter part of July 2021 for all the modules excluding the Heal Ghana Modules.

This according to NABCO was to help them carry out the verification process to fish out trainees who have been permanently employed by Ghana Health Service.

All this while, trainees on the Heal Ghana module were left unpaid due to the ongoing verification exercise by NABCO with the relevant agencies and departments.

It seems NABCO is now done with the verification, as they come out with the list of Heal Ghana trainees who are still on the Programme.

These lists have been provided to the Regional and District Directors for final verification at the District and Regional levels.

In a memo sighted by, Trainees whose names were found on the list provided are to further submit some documents, officially endorsed by their various supervisors for verification and confirmation.

According to NABCO’s Business Research & Skills Development officer, Mr. Mubarak N. Bowan, Payment of any outstanding stipends on this list shall be dependent on a trainee submitting the required documents, signing the list, and the verification results clearing them.

See the Official Memo Below and do the Needful if you are an Eligible NABCO Heal Ghana Trainee.

Kindly find attached a list of Heal Ghana trainees in your region sorted according to their districts and per current CPTP data.

Please note that these are trainees who may not be eligible to be recruited by Ghana Health Service (GHS) based on their qualifications or may have already been permanently employed and still on the scheme. This exercise is to enable us to do a final verification with the relevant institutions and take some immediate actions.

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Payment of any outstanding stipends on this list shall be dependent on a trainee submitting the required documents, signing the list, and the verification results clearing them.

Please ensure your districts do the following and submit their signed list and documents to you for onward submission to HQ on or before 5 pm on Friday, August 27, 2021;

1. Each trainee must submit a signed and stamped letter from their institution placed indicating what duties they perform and their qualifications,

2. Each trainee must submit a certified copy of their qualifications,

3. Each trainee must submit a copy of their Ghana Card,

4. For trained nurses must submit a certified copy of their NMC certification and PIN in addition to their certified certificate,

5. Each trainee must submit a copy of their last student ID,

6. Those who completed NSS must submit certified copies of their NSS certificate,

7. Each trainee after submitting the above must sign against their names and indicate the date they submitted and signed,

8. Coordinators must sign against the names of the trainees who signed,

9. RCs must sign against the signatures of the trainees and DCs.

10. The original signed copies of the list and trainees documents from Regions must be submitted to HQ.

11. Please note that Trainees who submit false information shall immediately be dismissed from the scheme and referred for possible prosecution and retrieval of all stipends ever paid to them.

12. DCs/RCs who knowingly sign against trainees who do not comply with the above directives, aid, ignore or collude with trainees for providing false information shall face severe disciplinary actions.

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13. Also note that trainees who are cleared after verification and still on the scheme would be transferred to other modules as we prepare to end the Heal Ghana module partnership with the Ghana Health Service and Ministry of Health.

Thank you for your continuous support.

With Regards.

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