SHS 1 Students Reporting Date: It’s Compulsory to Report on 4th December, 2023 ? See Details Below

SHS 1 Students Reporting Date: Its Compulsory to Report on 4th December 2023? See Details Below

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Per the 2023 admission notice from the management of the Ghana Education Service, first-year students are expected to report to their schools of placement on the 4th of December 2023.

This has been an issue for most of the students and their parents considering the timing for the release of the 2023 placement. Students and their parents need enough time to be able to prepare before reporting to their various schools.

Due to that, students and their parents are asking to know if it is compulsory for all the students to report on that same day?

If you are on this page, We believe you are also on here because you need answers to this same question.

It is important to note that, the 4th December 2023 date given by the GES is a starting date set for all SHS 1 students across the country to report. But what you also need to know is that it is not compulsory that all students must report on that same date.

In every institution or organization, there are some exceptions to certain rules. The management knows very well that, not everyone can fulfill the date given, so students are given a reasonable amount of time – period during which each and every student must report.

If you are an SHS 1 student, know that the 4th December 2023 date set by GES is the day that students can start to report but that doesn’t mean all students must report on that same date.

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So Take your time, prepare and make sure you also report within a reasonable period so you won’t miss most of the school learning activities.

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