College of Education 2024/2025 Admission Forms, How To Buy, Where To Buy, How To Apply

Are teacher training forms out for 2024? When will the College of Education be released? Can I get Admission into the College of Education With a D7 in English? I had D7 in English can I buy the form?

College of Education 2024/2025 Admission Forms, How To Buy, Where to Buy, How to Apply.

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The 2024/2025 Teacher Training College Admission Form has been released. This means that applicants who wish to apply for admission into the College of Education (CoE) for the new 4-year Bachelor of Education degree programmes in all the Forty-Six (46) Public Colleges of Education in Ghana can do so starting this week.

If you are a candidate who wishes to apply for admission into CoE for 2024- 2025 academic, then find below detailed steps by steps guide on how to apply for admission, where to Buy the College of Education admission Form and all that you need to know about the 2024 College of Education Admission into any of the 46 Colleges of Education across the country.

How to Apply for College of Education  2024/2025

  • Before you can apply for 2024/2025 Admission into any of the 46 colleges of education in Ghana, you’ll first have to buy the application form or Voucher.
  • There are two ways through which you can buy the Admission Form. You can buy at any Consolidated Bank Ghana Limited nationwide branch or use a Mobile Money shortcode.
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How to Buy the College of Education Form Through Bank

  • Applicants interested in applying for the 2024 teacher training college admission will have to pay one Three Hundred  Ghana Cedis (GHC300.00) into the Colleges of Education- Ghana Account at any branch of the Consolidated Bank Ghana Limited nationwide.
  • Once you make the payment, you’ll be given the payment voucher containing the application PIN and Serial.

How to Buy the College of Education Form Using Mobile Money Shortcode- MoMo

  • Applicants can also buy the College of Education Admission form using their Mobile money Wallet Balance through the shortcode given below.
  • You dial the shortcode *924*8# on Tigo Cash, Vodafone Cash, Airtel Money, and MTN Mobile Money. Follow the prompts and complete the Form purchase.
  • After successfully purchasing the Admission Form,  You’ll be given the Personal Identification Number (PIN) and the Form Serial Number.
  • Once you obtain the Form Details (PIN and Serial Number), you can now visit the online application portal to begin your application for the 2024/2025 College of Education admission.

How to Apply For Admission 2024

  1. First, visit the admission portal through the link:
  2. Following the above link will take you to the CoE application portal.
  3. Once you’re on the portal, you will be required to select your registration type (Normal or awaiting), Enter your PIN, and the Serial.
  4. Enter the required details and click on the “LOGIN” button to begin your application.
  5. Now Fill out the Application form, supply all required details, and attach a passport picture.
  6. An applicant’s passport picture should be in JPG or JPEG format and must not exceed 40KB in size.
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Click the ‘Preview’ button to do any of the following:

  • ‘Edit’ button to modify your application.
  • ‘Save’ and Continue later button to save your application form for the option of coming back at a later time to edit.
  • ‘Submit’ and Print Confirmation’ to complete your online application.
  • After clicking on the ‘Submit and Print Confirmation,’ click the ‘Print Form’ button to print the Confirmation Page.

Keep your printed Confirmation Page safe. You will require your Application Form Number
shown on the page to check your admission status and also print your admission letter.

Click on ‘Close’ to go back to the login page.

  • Each Applicant is required to print two copies of each of his/her confirmation pages and attach his/her results slip(s), and any other documents deemed important, and forward the same by post to the College of Education applied to. Failure to do so means the application won’t be processed

Quote your Application Reference/Form Number on your envelope.

2024/2025 College of Education Application Deadline

The Application is scheduled to close on Tuesday, 31st October 2024.

Applicants are to note that each of the forty-six (46) public Colleges of Education is Affiliated with a Public University and certificates will be awarded to students who successfully complete their course of study at the affiliate University.

See the Colleges of Education Affiliated to UCC here.

Can I get Admission into the College of Education With a D7 in English?

  • Yes. You may get admission with the new cut-off points for the College of Education admission 2024/2025 academics.
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I had D7 in English. Can I buy the form?

  • Yes, you can buy the form and apply for admission. If the results in the other subjects are good, you may get admission.

I am a General Arts student, and I had Social Studies B3 and Science D7. Can I gain admission?

  • Yes, of course, you can get admission. Just buy the form and apply for admission at any of the colleges with low patronage. You can choose to apply for admission to one of the colleges of education that has a low turnout in the country.

I had D7 in Core Maths Can I use it For Training College?

  • Yes, you can use it and apply for admission into any teacher training college in Ghana and maybe get admitted.

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  1. Akua Bae says

    Please I got E8 in science,can I buy a he forms?

  2. Joe says

    Hi, while buying the form with MTN MoMo,I’m asked to complete a debit notification from MTN..I don’t know what that means .I called customer care but no satisfying answer

    1. Staff Member says

      Are you sure you have the required amount loaded into your wallet? Try and top up and amount more than the admission form before the purchase.

  3. Henewaa Abigail says

    Please l made a mistake instead of choosing Jhs education l choose primary education can you change it for me

    1. Staff Member says

      No Please. Once you submit that all. Just pray to get admission. When you go to campus you may be able to change to JHS Education.

    2. Emmanuel says

      E8 in maths can I apply it

      1. Staff Member says

        You need to better your Maths before. But you can give it a try if you want.

      2. martha segbedzi says

        Pls I had D7 in one elective(management In Living)can I apply.

      3. Sampson says

        Please I filled the forms and refreshed the page but am being told “A registration session is on going”

  4. Frank says

    Please I used my mtn memo to purchase for the forms, but you stated it that, after everything was successful I will receive SMS with my pin and serial number, but am not seeing any of them. Please what should I do now

  5. Emmanuel says

    Please why the schools don’t come before the payment

  6. Mary says

    Please when is the closing date for the forms?

    1. Staff Member says

      31st August 2021

  7. Akorli Ayivi Patrick says

    Pls am Patrick, in my result there is no English language but the rest I pass can I by the from without English and I was Business student.

    1. Samuel Sekyi Arthur says

      I just completed a purchase for my form and haven’t recieved my PIN and Serial No. It’s been about 15 minutes since the purchase.
      Number 0599169360

  8. Asamoah Joseph says

    I failed one subject. Please can I apply?

  9. Charles Effirim says

    Maths B3
    English C6
    Science C6
    Social B3
    Econs D7
    Costing E8
    Accounting C4
    B.M. B3

    Please can I get admission with this result?

    1. Staff Member says

      The E8 may be a problem. but there is no harm in trying.

      1. PRINCE says

        Please I was an agric student but my science was cancelled please can I buy forms

        1. Staff Member says

          No Please. you can not do agric without science.

          1. Florence says

            I had e8 in physics and chemistry hmmm can i apply

          2. Staff Member says

            No Please. You’ll not get admission with E8. Sorry

      2. Ernestina says

        Please I have purchased the forms but I didn’t get the serial number and the PIN

  10. Benjamin says

    Please will be opening admission again ?

  11. Patrick Yeboah says

    Please how many elective subjects can be ok for me to apply for the forms

  12. Genny says

    Please when will the 2022 admissions be out and how do l go about to apply

  13. Mercy says

    Please I offered visual art in shs and I had d7 in English but I pass the rest, please can I be admitted

  14. Mardiya Bashir says

    Please I ahead that nursing forms are out but when I went to the bank they said they have noe verified it yet and the deadline is ending of the month

    1. Staff Member says

      Yes the forms are our but they have to be verified before. The deadline will be shifted if all things being equal.

      1. Patience Lamisi says

        Please i want to buy forms for Accra college of education but I don’t know the actual location of the school, could you please tell me.Am new in Accra . Thank you.

        1. Staff Member says

          Go to Any branch of CBG (consolidated Bak Ghana). You’ll get the form over there to buy. There is no need to go to the school. After buying the form, you go to an internet cafe to fill out the online form.

  15. Christopher Mikehu says

    Please how do I solve insufficient balance issues it’s been two days now please help me

  16. Samuel Sekyi Arthur says

    I just completed a purchase for my form and haven’t recieved my PIN and Serial No. It’s been about 15 minutes since the purchase.
    Number 0599169360

    1. Staff Member says

      Please have some patience. It will come.

  17. Lopez says

    Please sir, I am buying the form through MoMo Mtn but when I rich the last part to enter MM pin it tell me transaction ID failed. Please I need your help

    1. Staff Member says

      Please retry. again it may be a network issue.

  18. Delighted says

    Some of the commen Is one year ago
    Does it mean this information is last years own ??

    When is the actual deadline for this year sir

  19. Attobrah Clement says

    I had science b3 maths a1 English c6 and social b3 and with my elective too I had econs b2 history b3 crs a1 and twi c6. I bought forms with these results and I didn’t get admission, please what was the problem.

    1. Staff Member says

      Try again this year.

  20. Abdul-Mumin says

    I already posted my application form to the college of education but the form reference wasn’t there can I change it and repost it again

  21. Abdul-Mumin says

    I have corrected the mistake from the internet service and now the reference number has appeared can I post it again

  22. Abdul-Mumin says

    I already posted my application form but I found out that the wasn’t reference number on it . I went to the internet cafe and correct it , can I repost it again in post office

    1. Staff Member says

      Yes Please. You can repost, and there will not be any issue. cheers1

  23. Mensah Ransford says

    I bought the forms this morning using the Momo method but I haven’t received my pin and serial number yet. Please what should I do?

    1. Staff Member says

      Which of the shortcodes did you use?

      Dial *924*8#
      Go to retrieve the voucher and then enter the date you bought the card
      The transaction details will be displayed for you.
      If it went through, you would see from the feedback.

      1. Mensah Rams says

        I have done it and it showed that I have purchased it with a prompt captioned “your message will be sent shortly” but I haven’t received anything still

  24. Christopher Mikehu says

    Please when filling the forms , your educational background is required strating from current one. Please I started with SHS then jhs and primary . Please did I made a mistake. I have submitted my forms too

  25. Christopher Mikehu says

    Please when filling the forms , your educational background is required strating from current one. Please I started with SHS then jhs and primary . Please did I made a mistake. I have submitted my forms too

  26. Christopher Mikehu says

    Please can I go to the cafe and make corrections

  27. Emmanuel Asamoah Asante says

    Pls can you buy two colleges of Education form at once and send to different schools.

  28. Samuel Obeng Amponsah says

    Please I made a mistake by choosing Ghanaian language as the subject to teach instead of primary education, but I have already submitted, please is there an alternative way to solve this problem?

    1. Staff Member says

      No Please.

  29. Ayikpa says

    Pls,I had d7 in elective mathematics can I be admitted

  30. Naana says

    Please I had E8 in maths and D7 in English but I’m willing to write mature exams . Pls will I be admitted

  31. Gifty Ayiwaa says

    Please can I buy two college of education vouchers

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