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How to Download, Fill and Upload The NABCO Monthly Timesheet (July 2021)

Recently, there has been an increase in the feedback on the trainees portal regarding they not being paid with the reason Being timesheet not submitted“.

The problem based on our checks shows that Most of these trainees do not submit a timesheet to their district coordinator because they can’t easily have access to the timesheet in time.

Others also faced that issue because they don’t fill the timesheet as expected, making the timesheet invalid, and the most important part which is uploading of the timesheet was always left out by these trainees making it a counteract.

Among these three important tasks, one of them might be what’s hunting most trainees making it difficult to get their pay in time.

On popular request, we’ve decided to bring out this post to help educate our cherished trainees and also serve as a guide when filling and uploading their monthly timesheet.

How to Download the Monthly Timesheet.

The NABCO monthly timesheet can be freely downloaded from the official NABCO website. But what makes it a challenge to many is the long process that you have to follow in getting it on the website.

The NABCO website was in such a way that, only the top menus can easily be seen on the navigation.

Even though the timesheet download section can also be found under one of the Navigation menus, not everyone knows what these navigations are.

So we have taken to our time, downloaded, and saved this timesheet at a place where you can easily download it for free.

You can also download it from the official website if you desire to do so.

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To download the timesheet from the official page, you go to the NABCO website and then look for the section/menu for Media Centre.

Click on it, then you’ll navigate to the resource sub-menu, finally, you’ll see the timesheet section below the page.

Click on the download and you are done.

But if you still can’t find it or don’t want to go through the long process, you can click here to directly download the timesheet.

Please Note: Some districts have customized their timesheet, making it unique with the district name, and the month you are to fill on it.

So if your district is practicing this act, it means you can not use the one downloaded here, making it mandatory for you to always visit the district office to pick the timesheet.

How to fill the monthly timesheet

The NABCO monthly timesheet fills out follows a different way as compare to the NSS monthly timesheet.

Whiles the NSS timesheet is in the current month method, the NABCO timesheet filling is in the preceding month criteria.

Timesheet SampleThis means one fills the timesheet starting from the previous month to the current month.

For instance, assuming you are to fill the timesheet for July 2021, you have to start the filling from 22nd June 2021 to the 21st of July 2021.

The reason behind that is, NABCO trainees are always required to start submitting their timesheets on the 21st of every month to the 25th.

If a trainee is submitting a timesheet for a said month, he or she will have to fill and stopped on the 21st of that month.

Then the next month’s filling will start on the 22nd of last month to the 21st of that month.

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So from the date of submission of the current month’s timesheet to the date due for submission of the next month’s timesheet, one will have the 21/22 workings days in a month as expected.

If you failed to adhere to this filling of timesheet process, then your district coordinator might consider your timesheet as invalid hence, no validation and payment for that month.

How to upload the timesheet on your portal

Uploading a timesheet by each trainee is now a mandatory thing by NABCO.

Every month, each trainee is expected to upload a monthly timesheet.

Most trainees failed to upload their timesheets and began to face a challenge with their pay.

The logic behind the uploading of the timesheet may be that A trainee might have submitted his or her timesheet to the district coordinator, but because of some things beyond his control, the timesheet might get lost.

or maybe, the district coordinator may refuse to validate a trainee for the reason the timesheet is not submitted but this trainee has submitted and even upload the timesheet on the portal.

To solve this issue, NABCO can decide to check on the trainees portal for confirmation. So it’s good that every trainee submits and uploads a timesheet at the end of every month.

To upload a timesheet to your portal, you’ll need to scan it in pdf format. Most trainees just take a picture (jpeg) of the timesheet and then upload it, this we think will make it not viewable by NABCO.

The recommended format for most online upload official documents is PDF.

You can download a scanning app on your smartphone from the playstore or AppStore and then use it to scan the document.  Save the timesheet as PDF, then login to your NABCO portal and scroll to the menus looking for the section where it indicated upload signed timesheet.

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Here, select the month and Tap on that choose file.

Navigate to the location where you saved the file to.

Once you see the file(Timesheet), tap on it to upload.

Tap on submit to finish up the uploading process.

After successfully uploading the file, you’ll get the success message and when you go back to that section, you’ll see the file uploaded with the month’s name and date with the time of uploading.

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