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NABCO: Some Payments Remarks on the portal and their meaning


Ever since  NABCO decided to update trainees with their payment status through the portal, there have been many concerns raised by some trainees.

Most trainees have seen some remarks which seem confusing to them and are looking for further clarification on those remarks.

These we’ve decided to take a much look at them and have come out with some nearest explanation for the trainee’s comprehension.

So if you have any concern with a remark on your portal, you can go through the below-listed remarks and see the explanation for them.

Not in the Master list

Most trainees had this kind of feedback as a remark at their payment history on the portal. The “Not in The Masterlist” Means, your name was not submitted for payment for the said month.

This may be due to some reason only known to your District/Regional coordinator or the HQ.

In other to rectify this problem, you must report to the district coordinator for him to also forward the case to the regional coordinator who will in end forward the issue to HQ for rectification and payment of stipends for the said month.

Not validated for payment

This remark has to do with trainees who are yet to be validated for stipends of a particular month.

In most cases, trainees get this kind of remarks under the march 2020 payment history since validation for that month is currently ongoing.

If you have this kind of remark under your payment section, there is no need to panic since the district coordinator has to validate you and then forward it to the regional coordinator for approval.

Once the validation is done by your district coordinator, your remark status will change to Validation not approved.

Validation Not Approved

Trainee sees this kind of remarks after district coordinator has validated you at the district level and it’s left on to the regional coordinator to approve/reject.

The NABCO system is designed to work in a dual way.

The coordinator at the district will first validate his or her trainee based on the submitted timesheet and other work dynamics, then once the validation is done at the district level, it will be submitted to the regional level for the regional coordinator to approved.

So if your district coordinator finishes his part of the validation and submitted, but the regional coordinator who has to approve all the district within the region has not yet started approving your district list, then you will get this remark on your portal until he/she approves it before the status will change to payment processing

Payment Processing

The payment processing remarks shows that you have been validated and approved for payment. This means you should expect your payment of stipends anytime soon.

Not Submitted TimeSheet

Once you see this remark on your portal what it means is straightforward. Either you’ve actually not submitted your timesheet for the month, or maybe you submitted an unendorsed timesheet.

Even though some trainees had such remarks due to system glitch which is currently being worked on, but most trainees had such a message because they failed to submit their timesheet.


Some trainees have also had a remark that shows that they’ve resigned from NABCO which is not the case.

In most cases, trainees get such messages due to misrepresentation by either the coordinator or the trainee themselves.

There is an instance that a  coordinator might be intending to validate a trainee as resigned, but mistakenly validate another trainee with such reason.

If you had such remarks and you know very well that you’ve not resigned, you are advised to immediately report the issue to your coordinator for further actions to be taken.

The above-listed remarks are some of the common once faced by trainees. We shall update you on more on these remarks as and when the need arises.

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