How to Buy/Pay ECG Bills Using Mobile Money

How to Buy/Pay ECG Bills Using Mobile Money:

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The electricity company of Ghana has taken a move to make the life of its cherished customers simple and easier by providing them a simple way to pay/recharge their postpaid/prepaid meters.

Gone were the days when ECG customers have to go through the pain of getting to pay for their utility bills by visiting the ECG a nearby outlet which sometimes is difficult to locate.

Today, customers can easily purchase and recharge their meters in the comfort of their homes through the Momo service.

Do you have any difficulty locating an ECG outlet around you? Will you like to get rid of the time-consuming long Que that you have to pass before buying/ recharging your meter?

If yes, then there is good news for you. In today’s article, we are going to discuss how to Buy/pay ECG bills through mobile money. So without much ado, let’s dive straight to the point.

There are two ways in which you can follow to buy/pay ECG Bills using your mobile money balance.

You can use an ECG-developed app or mobile money shortcode. Whichever way you prefer, the choice is yours.

How to Pay ECG  Bills Using MTN Pay Menu

Like any other MTN MOMO service, to have access to the menu, you first dial *170#

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Now you will see the menus select option 2 ( MOMOPay and Pay Bill)

  • Now choose option 2 Pay Bill
  • Here you select the first option (Utilities)
  • Choose ECG from the list of menus
  • Enter the Meter Account Number and then authorize the payment to complete the process.

After a successful transaction, your meter will automatically be credited with the amount and from here you’re done.

How to Buy/Pay ECG Bills using ECG Power Apps:

There are few apps on the AppStore and Google playstore that aid users to buy/pay ECG bills using mobile money. Some of which are Epower and ECG Power App.

These two apps are currently the most useful and recommended apps for this purpose. Even though there are other apps, in this article, we’ll stick to the later.

ECG Power

ECG Power is a Fully-featured App provided by ECG to buy power anywhere anytime instantly. Using this app, one can easily check his/her electricity consumption rate both daily and monthly on a periodic chart. You can Pay ECG bills, check your balance on an ECG account, and many more.

Being in the development stage, the app currently supports some prepaid meters such as Nuri (Kamstrup), Holley, Alpha, MBH, and CLOU meters and all postpaid meters. ECG is Putting in plans to roll out other prepaid meters in subsequent updates of the app.

How to Use the ECG Power App to Pay Bills and Buy Prepaids

The app is currently available on both Appstore and Google Playstore. Prospective users can download and install the app in their various stores. Thus, Google Playstore for Android and AppStore for iOS.

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After installing the App, you’ll need to register using your Email, Mobile Number, and selected Password.

ECG Power AppNow, using the App is simple. To Pay Bills/Buy Prepaid, you navigate to the Make Payment option. Here you select your meter type: either postpaid or prepaid.

Now enter your Account Number for Postpaid and Meter Number for Prepaid and then select your payment method. submit to finish up the process.


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