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Is It a Curse To Go To University? NABCO Trainees Cried Out

A Touching message from one of the NABCO trainees was sighted circulating on social media (WhatsApp and FACEBOOK) which caught our attention. From the look of the message, one can tell that the post was written with great regret and grief. This trainee wanted to know whether it is a curse to be a graduate in ghana. Read the full article below.

It reads:  

“The Government of Ghana has taken University graduates for granted. In the first place, let’s thank This government for the introduction of NABCO because it has saved some of us little. But the fact is, The government employed us to give us Ghc700.00 in the name of NABCO because of IMF conditionalities.

Now that we are out of IMF, the government has employed teacher trainees who just ended their national service and also received alawa in their various College of Educations and leaving us in NABCO. Even our stipends are also not coming on time. You imagine working for about two months and more without payment and at the same time buying credit to clock in and out every day. Frustrating those who don’t have good networks go through is another matter.

Is it a curse to go to university?. Or are the teacher trainees better than us? Those of us in the educate Ghana can agree with me that, NABCO trainees are doing a great job than the so-called regular teachers. Everybody will test to the fact that NABCO trainees are performing well at their various workplaces.

Those at GRA are always on the field collecting revenue for the government, sometimes you will meet them standing in the hot sun at the lorry stations providing income tax to drivers which have reduced the burden of drivers going to the GRA office to pay. Doing all these dirty Jobs but the government has turned their back to us.

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Nobody is talking on our behalves, not even the media. Our district coordinators are also worrying about not get any information to their trainees. Where did we go wrong? Let us all arise and stand for permanent Jobs because we also deserve better. Please and please I am not underrating the teacher trainees but we also deserve a permanent job.

Some of us in the NABCO completed their national service about five years ago but have not got a permanent Jobs because they attended universities. It is too hurting. Sometimes I sit and check a huge amount of money we spent on hostels and rent alone, handbooks, fees, and food at the university but after all these, we become burned on our parents”.

It is my humble opinion. If you see it relevant share it.

Braa Kenneth: 0208240790

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