Likely Integrated Science Sample Questions For 2023 WASSCE Candidates

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Question One (1)



(i) List two raw materials used in the manufacturer of indigenous soap.

(ii) State three ways of improving upon the quality of indigenous soap.

(b) Explain three ways in which the human sperm cell is adapted to its function.

(c) State four human activities that result in the depletion of soil resources.

(d) Describe how the relative density of a salt solution can be determined using the hydrometer.


Question Two (2)



(i) Explain the term tissue as applied to living organisms.

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(ii) List two types of issues found in a green plant

(ii) State one function each of the tissues listed in (ii) above


(i)  State the law of conservation of energy.

(ii) In a simple machine, the energy input is 120 J. If the efficiency of the machine is 80%. Calculate the energy output


(i) What is a chemical compound?

(ii) State four differences between a covalent and an ionic compound.

(d) State three features of the intensive system of keeping animals.


Question Three (3)



(i) Describe briefly the production of sound in each of the following instruments:

(α) Trumpet:

(β) Drum:

(ii) State one difference between a musical note and noise.


(i) Give the reason for the treatment of water for domestic use.

(ii) State three methods of improving upon the quality of water for domestic use.


(i) Explain the term artificial insemination as used in animal production?

(ii) State three benefits of artificial insemination.

(d) Describe the processes involved when the human eyes view an object.


Question Four



(i) List three methods of fertilizer application

(ii) State three factors to be considered before the application of fertilizer to crops.

(b) Explain the following ecological terms:

(i) Community

(ii) Population:

(ii) Habitat:


(i) What is dispersion of light?

(ii) Name the:

(α) Natural phenomenon that involves dispersion of light,

(β) Dispersing medium for the phenomenon named in (a) above.

(d) Describe how a pure sample of sodium chloride could be obtained from a mixture of sodium chloride and sand,

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Question Five (5)



(i) State two characteristics of a concentrated acid.

(ii) State three precautions to be taken when diluting concentrated sulphuric acid in the laboratory.

(b) A man heterozygous for the rhesus factor marries a woman of the same genotype. Determine the proportion of the children who would carry the rhesus factor. Illustrate your answer with a genetic diagram.


(i) Name three sources of electric power.

(ii) An electric stove is rated 1000 W, 240 V. Explain this statement.


(i) What is a crop pest?

(ii) State three harmful effects of crops pest in agriculture.


Question Six (6)


(a) Consider the chemical reaction below:

concentrated H2SO4

(i) Name the type of reaction illustrated.

(ii) What is the role of the concentrated H2SO4?

(iii) What is the scent of the organic product formed?

(iv) Name the organic product formed.


(i) Name the causative organism of malaria.

(ii) State four ways of controlling the incidence of malaria in a community.


(i) Define force.

(ii) Name the forces which are at play during the following activities

(α) An object is placed on a tale;

(β) A passenger jerks forward when a moving car comes to a sudden stop.


(i) Name two tools which could be used in the preparation of a nursery bed.

(ii) State three factors which must be considered when selecting a site for vegetable production.

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