How to Pass Science and Math’s in BECE, WASSCE, JAMB and NECO Exams

How to Pass Science and Maths: Maths and science are most of the student’s problems when it comes to basic, junior, and senior high education. These two subjects mostly involve arithmetics and for that matter majority of students hate them and hence performs poorly in their examination.

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But the truth of the matter is that science and maths are the easiest subjects to pass well so far as you understand the basics. The reason most students hate these subjects is that they have a wrong perception of the subjects and this is what is causing them to fail.

As a student, there are some simple things you can do to pass the mathematics and science subjects in your junior high and senior secondary school examination (BECE and WASSCE).

In this article, we are going to take you through how to pass the science and Maths in your Final Exams.

Have a Positive Mindset

Have a Positive Mindset
Have a Positive Mindset

As said earlier, some students already had the mindset that, maths and science subjects are difficult so for that matter they can’t pass them. If you have this kind of mindset, you’ll need to first do away with that and tell yourself that, if others can pass these subjects, I can also pass.

You see, the mind is such a way that, what you feed it with is what it believes. So if you constantly feed it with negative thoughts, it makes it that way. Having a positive mindset toward these two subjects is the first way to get a good grade in them.

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Do All of the Homework

Most times students turn to perform poorly in some cases because they failed to do their assignments themselves. These students mostly depend on their friends for the answers to the homework. If you are one of such students, make sure to always try your hands on the homework.

Even if you don’t get all the answers to the assignment as wanted, never lose hope because is better than getting all the answers from your colleague’s work. Doing your homework by yourself help you to be familiar with some of the steps and process in solving these questions, and if you happen to meet similar questions in your final year exams, then you will be able to easily score all.

Never Miss Class for Maths and Science

Never Miss Class for Maths and Science
Never Miss Class for Maths and Science

Students sometimes failed to attend maths and science lessons because they feel they can easily be disgraced by the teacher. As a student, the fact that you are going to write WAEC exams, maths, and science will always be with you. So dodging classes for these two subjects will not bring any good to you.

If you are not good at maths and science, the only way to catch up is to always attend the class and ask questions on areas that you don’t understand. Don’t be shy to ask the tutor questions.

Yes, your friends will laugh at you but never mind because, in the end, each person will carry his or her certificate to their home. So don’t get intimidated if they laugh at you.

Find a Friend to Be your Study Partners

Find a Friend to Be your Study Partners
Find a Friend to Be your Study Partners

In every class or school, there is always a good student. There are other students who have an understanding of these two subjects in your school. What you have to do is to make friends with them. Always approach them and make friends so they can easily help you to also catch up.

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You need to always swallow your pride and learn from them. No matter the size of their body or age, once they are good in the subject, approach them and let them know that you’re willing to learn from them. Doing this will put you far ahead of becoming good in, maths and science and hence get a good pass in those subjects.

Establish a Good Relationship with the Teacher.


Another reason why students perform poorly in maths and science is the fact that they either hate the subject teacher or they are not on good terms with the teacher.

Most students turn to hate a teacher when he or she tries to get them to answer questions in class. Please note that no teacher hates you.

When a teacher asks you a question in class, give it a try. It doesn’t mean the teacher does like you, it shows that the teacher is much concerned about you and wants you to understand whatever he or she is teaching you.

So if you need to pass these subjects, make a good relationship with the teacher and you’ll have an understanding of whatever the teacher is teaching in class.

Don’t Swallow Your Questions

Some students also failed the science and maths exams not because they are not good but because they failed to ask for clarifications. In every class, there are students who feel shy to ask questions.

Others also feel their answers are always right so they feel proud to ask for clarification from the teacher or their fellow students. Please if you are one of those students, you need to puta stop to that, and begin to ask questions on topics that seem to bother you.

Doing so will put you on the right track and can easily speed up your understanding of each of the topics taught by the teacher.

Solve More Maths and Science Past Questions

Solve More of Maths and Science Past Question
Solve More of Maths and Science Past Question

Every serious student who wants to make a good grade in their BECE or WASSCE always solves past questions. Solving a past question in each of the subjects to examine gives you a clue on how the questions are being set and makes you well prepared for them.

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It is always good to solve past questions in Maths and Science if you are looking to pass and pass well in these two subjects. When you solve more of the previous year’s questions, there might be a possibility of you meeting some of the questions in your final year exams. In that case, you can easily remember the answers to those questions.

If you need more past questions to try your hands-on, then find below some of the past questions for your comprehension.

Link to All the past questions For your Study

Final Advice:

Maths and science subject has never been easy for most students simply because they lack basic understanding. If you really want to do well in these two subjects, then please make sure to give the above-listed points a try. Make sure from today onwards, you begin to practice all of the above-listed points and you’ll surely have a good grade in the subject.

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