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NABCO Career Pathways: Entrepreneurship & Further Learning, What’s entailed ?


Ever since the NABCO career pathway portal was open, almost all trainees were yearning for permanent jobs forgetting about the Other two exit pathways; Entrepreneurship, and Further Learning.

These trainees didn’t take their time to analyze the other exit pathways before making their final choice on which pathway to go for a permanent job.

As a stakeholder in the NABCO programme we have some tip chats with a section of the trainees as to why they decided to go for a permanent job instead of looking into entrepreneurship or going for further studies. During the chat, some of the trainees ask this question:

Will i get full government funding for further learning in my NABCO career pathways transition? While others also ask whether the government is going to help set up their business for them when they decide to go for entrepreneurship.

After having these chat with the trainees, we’ve cross-checked with some of the NABCO Official looking for the answers to these questions. This led us to know whats entailed in the Entreprenurship and Further learning aspect of the NABCO career pathways plan.

Below are what’s entailed in these two career pathways for the NABCO exit plans.

  1. Nabco will partner with NBSSI to provide entrepreneurship training for all trainees who opt for entrepreneurship.
  2. NABCO will Support trainees who would want to venture into entrepreneurship with some funds.
  3. That Provision will be made for those who would like to further their studies.


According to NABCO, they are going to absorb only 50% of the trainees into the permanent job module. So if all trainees decide to apply for the permanent job, chances are most of them will not be able to get the employment.

In other to be on the safest side, and also have a peace of mind, you can decide to apply for any of two career pathways above. This can in one way and the other help you get upper hands in the selection process for the NABCO career pathways exit plans.

NB: Please note that, the above analysis are not of NABCO but rather the writers views. This write up is for educational purpose only and does not serve as an advise to any trainee. It just a write up to educate trainees whats entailed in the Entreprenurship and Further learning aspect of the NABCO career pathways exit plans. We encourage every trainee to exercise due-diligence in choosing their Exit plans. Thank you.

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