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NABCO Career Pathways Transition Portal Not Opening, See What to do Here


Over the week, NABCO has sent a text message to all NABCO trainees regarding the opening of the NABCO career pathway transition portal. In the Message, trainees were told to visit the embedded link to fill in their application.

After receiving the message, most trainees immediately tap on the link to visit the portal and begin their application for the permanent job, but to their disappointment, the Portal was not responding.

A cross-section of trainees has since lodged a complaint about the unresponsiveness of the NABCO career portal link. In other to confirm their claim, we’ve also taken a look at the portal and truly, the portal has issues with loading.

At our first attempt, it took us almost 20minutes to load to the profile update section of the portal.

In other to have a strong and quick response, we have launched the complaint to the relevant stakeholders concerning the not loading issue of the portal for immediate action to be taken.

What to do if you cant login to the NABCO career portal?

As I mentioned above, there seems to be a loading time issue with the Career pathway portal so if you’ve tried to login to the portal but couldn’t, then there is nothing you can do. You need to wait for this issue to be resolved before. Also, you can keep on trying until you’re able to load the page.

In some cases, the portal loads in the night at around 3:00 Am to 4:30 Am. if you’re awake at that time, you can try loading the link. 

Why is the portal taking too long to load?

From what we know, there might be two reasons for that, The first one might be the issue of the server, and the second could cause be a glitch in the development of the portal. But as it stands now, no one can tell why except the developers. So let’s wait patiently and hoping for the issue to be resolve soon.

We shall update you as soon as the issues with the Career pathway portal are resolved. You can join our Telegram Page below and other social media handles for this update.

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