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NABCO January 2021 “Not Eligible” For Payment Remark, What it means and Why you get that Remark?

The NABCO January 2021 Stipends were paid on the 12th of February 2021 with most trainees not having a payment alert.

After the payment, trainees who didn’t receive a payment message went to the Bank to check their balance and to their disappointment, there were no funds to Load.

During that period, trainees who checked their NABCO payment history on the NABCO Portal indicated that their payment is still Processing but later changed to Not Eligible. A situation that brings fears and doubts to the minds of these trainees.

After seeing the “Not Eligible Remark” on the portal, trainees are looking to know why they have such a remark. For the past three days, we’ve received several complaints regarding this issue.

My January 2021 stipend was not paid I have checked my portal and the remark is am not eligible for payment. Why?

In other to get answers to this new strange remark on most trainee’s portals, we decided to consult some of the NABCO stakeholders. In doing so, we realized the following might be the cause of the problem.

The Might be a glitch in the Payment system: When the issue of Not Eligible remark pops up on these trainees portals, our first point of the check was from the District Coordinators. This is because, mostly, they decide either a trainee is eligible for payment or not. According to most of the Coordinators, they are not aware of this issue.

That, those they validated not to pay will see remarks such as TIMESHEET NOT SUBMITTED, INVALID TIMESHEET, DECEASED, VACATION OF POST, or PERMANENTLY EMPLOYED. So if a trainee sees any remark other than the above listed, it means they are not responsible for that.

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When asked whats the way forward for those trainees, what they told us was that they are waiting for official Communication from the Regional Coordinators who are also waiting to hear from the NABCO HQ why such new remarks.

Our Observations

From our observation, trainees who had such remarks are those who in one way or the other have ever been validated NOT ELIGIBLE by a Coordinator in the past months. This was observed after taking a sample of trainees with NOT ELIGIBLE remarks in at least three Districts.

What this means is that, if you are a trainee with the NOT ELIGIBLE remark, then it means, you have ever been validated not to be paid by your coordinator for a reason only known to you and the Coordinator. If that’s the case, then it might be that, you get the not eligible for payment because of such earlier None Validation.

Another source of ours also revealed that trainees who have been validated not to pay for three consecutive months will auto be deleted from the system and hence not ELIGIBLE for payments.

NB: It is with noting that, for now, we can not give the exact reason for you getting the NOT ELIGIBLE payment remarks for the January 2021 stipends. But we shall continue to seek answers and when we get the main cause of this problem we will update you on that.

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