NABCO: How to Easily Contribute to the COVID19 FUND Without Any Challenges

The COVID 19 (Coronavirus ) has come to halt and distract the activities of almost all the sectors in Ghana and the world at large.

The deadly virus which seems to be on the surge as days passed has necessitated the need to mobilize funds to help combat it’s spread and the further impact in the country.

The government together with the relevant institutions are on the course of soliciting supports from various agencies and individuals to help fight this deadly disease.

NABCO as an institution has also joined the course and is seeking support from each trainee to also contribute their quota to the COVID 19 fund.

In doing that, they have decided to let each trainee contribute at least GHS 10.00 to the COVID 19 FUND account through the shortcode *477*1610#.

Last week, most trainees received this message but when they tried donating through the shortcode, it seems the transaction was not going through. Some also are confused as to how to go about the message.

As an educational blog, we seek to take you through the simple and easiest steps you can follow to contribute to the NABCO COVID 19 account through your mobile money account.

Below are the simple steps to follow:

First dial *447*1610# on your mobile dialer

Now you’ll be displayed with the welcome message with other options.


Choose option 1(YES) from the welcome screen to continue

Select option 1 ( Make Payment)

Now, select option one again (COVID18 Fund NABCO give Back)

On the next page, you’ll be required to enter the amount you are willing to contribute.

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Once you enter the amount, you’ll also be asked to enter your Full Name/ NABCO Reference #

Next, you’ll be displayed with the Summarize details enter as shown below


Crosscheck the information entered to see if they are OK.

Now after confirming the details, you then select 1 to proceed.

Here you’ll receive a prompt to enter your momo Pin, do so to finish up the process.

After a successful transaction, you’ll be given a payment success message and you are done.


To know if your contribution has been received, you dial *447*1610# and then select the second option(payment history)

Follow the next steps to finish up the process.

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