Will NABCO Pay Both March and April 2021 Stipends This Week? See Details Below

NABCO trainee’s stipends payment for March 2021 has been a topic of discussion for most trainees over the weeks. Trainees who have worked for the month of March have since not been paid their stipends and this has caused a lot of agitation in most of the NABCO platform.

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It can be recalled that NABCO in most cases pays its trainees stipends a week or two of every month.

This has been the norm and has come to be understood by most trainees. But the month of March 2021  appears to be different.

Trainees were expecting to get their payment in the first or second week of April 2021, but to their disappointment, the stipends were not paid in those said weeks.

We are in the last week of April 2021 but NABCO trainees 2021 March stipends were still not paid. In some development, it was reported that the monies for the payment of these trainees were not released early by the ministry hence the delay in the payment.

Now there has been some speculation that the monies have been released and that payment will soon take effect.  A question has arisen within some cross-section of trainees. Many trainees want to know if the March and April 2021 Stipends will be paid together since the month of April is almost at the end.

In other to get clear answers to the above questions, we will like to look at this in two ways.

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First, NABCO may not be able to pay trainees the two months stipends at a go since the paying agency might have only released monies for the payment of only March 2021 stipends and not both.

Second, Even though monies were released for the payment, NABCO may not go ahead and pay both March and April Stipends without validation.

Trainees will have to be validated for the month of April 2021 before the payment for that month can take effect,  and from the information gotten, validation for April 2021 has not been done and hence, the payment may not be possible.

It is worth noting that, in a weird case, NABCO may decide to pay the two-month stipends if the monies available will be enough for the payment.

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