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NABCO: How to Solve Education & Other Section of Career Pathways Not Saving


There have been several complaints about the NABCO career pathways ever since its open by NABCO for trainees to apply.

First has to do with the portal not opening, there comes Slow loading time and now some section of the portal not saving even after filling in all the required field.

In a recent write-up, we’ve talked about the portal now fully functioning and that trainees can keep on trying till they successfully submit their application.

In this post, we are going to look at what to do if your education and other section of the NABCO career pathways portal is not saving even after successfully completing that section.

Earlier today, a reader sent us a complaint about his education and other tabs under the CV Tab not saving.

After taking a look at the problem, we’ve realized the issue is simple and does not require any technical know-how to solve it. So without wasting much time, Below are the main causes of the problem (why it’s not saving).

When you look at the portal, there are several sections to fill with their subsections. Under the CV aspect is where the real tasks are;

For example, when filling the Education section of the CV, there are bunches of information with a red asterisk.

These sections in most cases are the required ones while the ones with no asterisk are deemed to be optional.

Now considering the “EDUCATION” Tab of the career pathways, the Institution website is “open” without an asterisk, which seems optional to most trainees but it’s not.

Most trainees leave that section empty hence, the system fails to save and proceed to the next stage.

The same is true for the “Description of duties and achievements” under the “WORK EXPERIENCE” Tab of the CV Section of the portal.

So to have all your information saved and continue, you must provide all the information (fields) found on the portal and also be ready to answer all questions under each tab.

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