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NABCO Trainees Who have Refunded Overpaid Monies Will Soon Be Paid

Good news to the overpaid trainees who have refunded their money following the Directive by the NABCO management.

The NABCO Secataiate some months back mistakenly paid some “new trainees” monies which they were not due.

These trainees were later instructed to refund the overpaid amount through their District coordinators.

Some trainees abide by the instructions and did as they were told, while a chuck of them refused to obey.

After refunding the overpaid amount, those trainees who have refunded the overpaid monies, together with the ones that refused to refund stopped getting their stipends.

Most of them have logged the complaint to their coordinators but still, nothing was done.

Now, it looks like the NABCO headquarters is about to come to these trainees plight as we’ve seen a memo regarding their validation.

In the memo, District coordinators were told to validate all trainees On certain categories called “Mistakenly” validated as;

  • Permanently Employed,
  • Not Reported,
  • Vacated Post,
  • Not Submitted Timesheets,
  •  Awaiting Reposting,
  • Under disciplinary Action
  • Refund Trainees

The Directive to the Coordinators was clear in the memo. That “Do not validate trainees who have not fully refunded”. Any district which does this would have your entire district validations put aside.

Also, It went on to instruct the coordinators not to revalidate trainees who were already on ‘Payment Processing ‘.

“Do not revalidate those you validated as eligible for payment but still have payment processing even if they are available for validation”.

From the above, it’s clear that those trainees who have successfully refunded their monies through the District coordinators will soon be sorted out.

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As for those who have refused to refund their overpaid amount, we have no comment on that.

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