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NABCO: Update on Payment of November – December Stipends/Allowance

NABCO: Update on Payment of November/December 2021 Stipends: For the past 5 months, NABCO trainee’s stipends have not been paid with no reason given.

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The issue of non-payment of their stipends all these while has been a disheartening situation to most of them since they have no other source of income to sustain them.

In the past, we have tried to find out the reasons for the delay in paying the stipends for these months. One of the reasons was the non-availability of funds.

NABCO Update Today

A recent update by the management of NABCO regarding the happenings to the NABCO programme confirmed our speculation.

A circular sighted by our team indicates that the secretariat has worked on all trainee’s validated data and submitted them for payment. But due to the non-release of funds,  the paying agency couldn’t affect the payment.

See an excerpt from the Circular given details of the payment issues.

On payments, we await funds to settle the months validated, including arrears owed for Heal Ghana trainees, New Cards, as well as those owed from specific validation errors.

Kindly avoid breaking ranks by obsessively seeking updates on trainee payments.

It is unprofessional and insinuates vested interest aside from your recognised role as a staff of the organisation.

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When will November/December 2021 Stipends be paid?

As it stands, we cannot confirm the actual date by which the stipends for these aforementioned months will be paid. But information gathered on the ground shows that the November/December stipends will hit trainee’s accounts anytime soon.

How Can the stipends be paid when the validation is not done?

The recent exercise conducted by the various NABCO secretariats was meant to capture all eligible NABCO trainees who are still at post and have not been employed. Their details were sent to the HQ. So if the payment is to be done, the HQ can easily issue the payment command base on the data submitted.

Will NABCO still continue after the Payment?

Yes, NABCO will continue with the remaining trainees whose details were verified by the various NABCO secretariat at the district level. A new application portal may also be open for recruiting new trainees and adding up to the existing ones. We shall give more details on the new recruitment in our later updates.

Meanwhile, all eligible trainees who qualified for the permanent jobs will be sorted either by their MIPs or through the NABCO employment agency. Stay tuned for more updates.

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