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NABCO: Update On NSTA Exit Pathway Training For all CPTP Trainees

As announced earlier, the NSTA portal is active and running. The courses are designed to ready trainees for a smooth transition to their preferred career pathways, and as such, should be given adequate attention.

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“Dear CPTP trainee, take your mandatory training via as part of CPTP. Trainees who do not complete courses will be classified as inactive. Thanks.”

Trainees are to follow the procedures below to enroll in their preferred exit pathway courses:

1. Open the link

2. Click on Get Started and you’ll be taken to the NSTA Platform.

3. Login using your NABCO Reference Number and password.

Hint: Same credentials used in uploading your timesheet.

4. Select Small Business Training for Entrepreneurs.

5. You will have the option to enroll in either Business Plan Development, Renewable Energy, or Professional Business Ethics.

After enrollment, navigate on the registered course page to access the course content, download and save the course material for your studies.

A quick introduction to the curated NSTA courses:

Business Plan Development: This course is intended for entrepreneurs and business visionaries who are prepared to make a marketable strategy. Notwithstanding, it is additionally great for any individual who needs to figure out how to compose a business case or how to layout a business thought.

Professionalism, Business Ethics: This course provides a wide range of knowledge in making ethical decisions and creating an impactful personal brands.

Renewable Energy: This programme has been designed to provide you with a detailed knowledge of all major renewable energy sources and the engineering skills associated with them, including geothermal, solar, biomass, hydro, marine, and wind.

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Note: This forms part of the ongoing exit arrangements. Failure to enroll and successfully completing this course will be subjected to undesirable consequences.

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