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NABCO Mandatory Exit Plan Training Session For All CPTP Trainees Now Fully Functional Login Here

Confirmed information reaching our team indicated that the management of NABCO has rolled out an exit plan training session for all trainees who have successfully submitted their CPTP application and are currently on the programme.

This according to the source is to help graduate NABCO trainees have further knowledge that will give them a competitive edge once they are enrolled in permanent jobs.

Exit Training Sessions: Please note and advice our colleague trainees that the following training sessions will be available for all Trainees on our CPTP to follow.

Phase 1: September 01, 2021, to September 25, 2021.

All the training sessions under phase 1 are Mandatory for ALL TRAINEES WHO COMPLETED AND SUBMITTED THEIR CPTP and are currently on this programme. This shall also be evaluated as part of our exit arrangements as indicated trainees engagement letters and shall be indicative of trainee’s presence on the Scheme.

Entrepreneurship 101 Training – General – Online and Mandatory for ALL TRAINEES.

Professionalism, Business Ethics & Etiquettes and Networking – Online and Mandatory for ALL TRAINEES.

Renewable Energy Entrepreneurship – Online, Mandatory for those who selected Entrepreneurship as part of CPTP and for others according to interest.

See the Links to the virtual training site Here

Phase 2: September 10, 2021, to September 30, 2021.

The training sessions on this phase will only be available to those who selected

  1.  Entrepreneurship
  2. Career-Focused Further Learning and
  3. Permanent Employment in Private Sector as part of their CPTP, and that’s in addition to taking Phase 1 courses.

This is also mandatory for this category.

Entrepreneurship 101 – Business Plan Development – Online

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Professionalism, Business Ethics & Etiquettes, and Networking – In-Person hands-on training.

Renewable Energy Entrepreneurship – In-Person hands-on training.

The dates, locations, and registration links for the In-Person training sessions will be sent by SMS to those eligible only.

We shall update you with further information on how to login to the portal and begin your training.  Stay tuned. 

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