NABCO: Why the Delay in September 2020 Stipends? See details Below

Gone were the days when it seems normal for trainees to received stipends late. But for the past 4 months, these trainees have been receiving their stipend in time, not until this month.

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In normal times, NABCO trainees always get their stipends paid within the first week of the month.

This month (September) things have changed and today being 17th October but still, NABCO has not paid these trainees their stipends for last month.

Our check shows that the Below reasons might be the cause of the delay in the NABCO trainee’s September stipends.

Validation Was Submitted late:Β  According to a source the NABCO September validation was closed on the 3rd of October 2020. This, if the source is right might be among the main reason for the delay in the payment of the September stipends.

Why? because, for the past four months, validation for stipends payment is open from 23rd to 30th of each month. So if this month’s validation was closed on the 3rd of October, then NABCO may not have gotten enough time to finish the verification of the validated trainee’s list in time. Hence the delay in the Stipends.

Another reason that may account for the delay may be due to the fact that the NABCO secretariate was busy preparing for their Second Anniversary. Hence not much time available for them to work early on the payment list and submit to GHIPSS for payment

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NABCO is trying to clean the payment system to delete some trainees who have gotten permanent employment during the course of the programme. This is to prevent Trainees from getting double salaries as it was reported earlier.

Finally, NABCO is under pressure by these same trainees to get them permanent employment. As the theme of the second anniversary was “Making our Graduates work, the beginning of the transition to permanent jobs”, NABCO might have been much engaged in getting a solution to these trainees’ requests hence the delay in the stipends.


Please note that, as a matter of Disclaimer, this article is not an official article from the NABCO team, The article is written based on the author’s opinions, personal assumptions, and some information gathered on grounds from some Nabco stakeholders. So the information gotten in this article does not actually come from NABCO But from the author Assumptions.

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