How to Reply a Query letter for Fighting in an Organization

Occasionally, there might be some misunderstanding between peers in an organization which may result in a fight. These misunderstandings can sometimes lead to both parties in the organization being queried by either the HR or their immediate supervisors.

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When such happens, many are those who found themselves wanted as to how to go by the query. They resort to others for help or they simply will want to find a sample or a piece to guide them write the latter to please/fit their situation in the organization.

Are you an employee who has been quarried for fighting in an organization? If yes, then this post is here to help you reply to the query letter served to you.

In answering every query, there are some things you should know.

  • Understand the content of the query letter
  • Go straight to the point and don’t prolong things
  • You can refer to the query date
  • Finally, assure whoever you’re responding to that you’ll not repeat what so ever landed you to the query again.

Sample Response of a query letter served to an employee for slapping a coworker which resulted in a fight.

8th April 2020

The Human Resource Office
Ashanti Region,
Kumasi, Ghana

Dear Sir/Madam,


It’s unusual for me to engage in a fight with my co-workers in the organization, but this has been possible due to the level at which Mr. Karim Kofi used to provoke me anytime I was given a task.

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The last time, I was assigned a task by our immediate supervisor, executing the task, this coworker of mine came to distract my work by cutting off the power source making the computer goes off. This act of his was taken lightly by myself in the first instance.

The subsequent day, this same person came to tell me that i was called by the Finance officer which after some confrontation, appears that Mr.Karim lied to me simply because he doesn’t want me to complete the schedule due to me in time.

Sir, I’ve been tolerating this coworker’s behavior and even reported him several times to our immediate boss, but it seems this worker was still looking for my troubles.

Sir, the last incident which resulted in the fight between myself and Mr. Karim Kofi was when he took my Laptop and deleted most of my documents.

After confronting him with the issue, he tried to make fun of me and myself being in an anger state, I didn’t know the time I slapped him which resulted in an exchange of blows between myself and him

Sir, after coming to my senses, I realized my actions were inappropriate and have regretted those actions which I promised never to do that again.

Thank You!

Yours faithfully
Your Name


N/B: Above is a sample response to a query letter for a fight between two employees which resulted in the exchanging of blows at the organization during working hours.

Your situations can be different. So when writing your response, you have to state the main reason that got you into the fight with your colleague in the organization.

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You can use the above example as a guide but try to make your own response fit the situation and circumstance which led you into the fight.

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