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When is NABCO Paying September & October Stipends? See Details Below

When is NABCO Paying September & October Stipends? See Details Below:

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In our earlier update, we reported that the NABCO validation for September and October stipends payment was ongoing and trainees should expect payment to begin soon. In that update, we’ve not stated the date for the payment because there was no confirmation at the time of giving that update.

The CEO of the NABCO Programme, Dr. Anyars Ibrahim in an interview with the Host of Citi tv  Face to Face prgamme on Tuesday 9th November gisted that, validation for stipends payment of all the 68,000 NABCO trainees for the month of September and October 2021 is done and trainees should expect monies to hit their e-zwich account next week.

The CEO also hinted that trainees are put in a talent pool where potential employers will come in and pick those they are ready to work with.

“NABCo is in phases, the three years they did is the enrichment programme, the next is the Module Implementation Partners (MIP) who are the employment providers and so every one of them who exited on the 31st October 2021 received a message from us notifying them of an opportunity to join the exit preparation portal where the MIPs will come in.”

When asked about the sustainability of the programme (New Recruitment), the CEO replied by saying that will depend on what is captured on the budget.

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Dr. Ibrahim Anyars insisted that the three-year programme was not a waste of time, adding that some provisions have been made for the graduate trainees.

“President Akufo-Addo in considering the plights of graduates who were unemployed initiated this program. Three years on, we have young confident graduates who have their dignity rescued and their security for a period of time to decide what their career plan will be, others who came in with low levels of qualification all got to improve upon them.”

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