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NABCO Permanent Job Application: See What to do if You couldn’t Register/Complete Application


The NABCO career pathways transition portal was open in November last year for eligible NABCO trainees to register and be considered for either permanent job, entrepreneurship, or further learning.

At the initial stage of the application for the NABCO exit pathways, there have been some challenges faced by most of the trainees and due to that, NABCO decided to make the application in batches.

When the new schedules for the batch application were given out, most trainees were not able to meet up the targeted dates and hence could not register/complete their application for the permanent job.

Those who were not able to register/complete their registration were later given another chance to logon onto the portal to finished their application before 20th December 2020. Upon that, some trainees still couldn’t finish or register due to some reasons only known to them.

Now the registration is over and these trainees have been looking for ways to register/complete their career pathways transition application.

Because of the high request by these trainees, it seems NABCO has finally decided to consider those who were not able to register/complete the registration process during the first, second, and final application phases.

A WhatsApp Circular purported to have come from the NABCO HQ was sighted by the golearnershub team which indicated that trainees who couldn’t complete their career pathways application should submit their details to the various District coordinators latest by 5.00 pm for further assistance.

Trainees who couldn’t register are expected to submit their details with the reason for not being able to complete the registration to their District Coordinators for submission to the Regional level.

Below are the needed details to be submitted to the District Coordinators. 

  • First Name
  • Other names (s)
  • Surname
  • Reference Number
  • Region
  • District
  • Agency Placed
  • Reason for Not Completing

It’s worth noting that, the WhatsApp Circular has no date indicating the released date neither the closing date. But when we confronted some NABCO stakeholders, it shows that the deadline for the submission of those lists has elapsed. That, trainees who couldn’t submit theirs can still do so and in case the HQ asks for the list again, they will then forward all together.

Meanwhile, trainees who couldn’t print their NABCO career pathway application form can do so here.

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