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NABCO: November 2020 Stipends Validation Ongoing, See When to Expect Payment


If you are a regular visitor to your NABCO portal, then by now you may have noticed some remarks under the November 2020 Payment History. This remark tells you that, validation for the payment of stipends for that month has begun.

In recent times, NABCO has decided to improved its payment system and made it possible for all District coordinators to start the validation for payment of stipends from 24th -30th of each month.

When the portal is open for validation, the district’s coordinators are expected to start and submit their validation list to the regional coordinator for approval. Any district that fails to submit their list before the close of the 30th of that month risk not getting paid for that month.

As a trainee, you are advised to always check your payment validation status on the portal to see the remarks. This can help you to quickly draw the attention of your coordinator in case you find some strange remarks for a particular month’s payment history.

On the portal, once your District coordinators have validated you, then you’ll see a remark “Payment Validated by District but Not Approved By Region”.

With today being the 29th day of November, and a few days from today, Ghana will be going for a poll to choose the next president and parliamentary representatives.

Most trainees have been asking whether November stipends will be paid as opposed to the normal dates for stipend payments. In our quest to finding the answers to the trainee’s questions, we came across a circular that seems promising to all NABCO trainees regarding the November stipends payment.

A payment validation circular was sighed by us which shows that payment for November stipends will start a day after validation ends. If this circular is right then trainees should expect their November stipends latest by 2nd December 2020.

See an extract from the circular below.


Trainee Stipend Payment Validations are now opened and fully functional from today Tuesday, November 24 to Tuesday, December 01, 2020. The system shall close at 14:00GMT (2:00 PM) on Tuesday, December 01, 2020, which is the deadline for all DCs and RCs to validate and approve payments.

It went further to state that,

“We intend to make payments between the evening of the day the validation closes and the next day”.

From the extract, It’s clear that, if everything goes as plan. NABCO November stipends will be paid on the 2nd December 2020.

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