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NABCO: July 2020 Validation Done, See when to expect Payment

A circular was seen on some NABCO platform which was “Supposed” to be a Validation circular sent to DCs for July Validation. In the circular, Districts coordinators were told to begin the validation for the payment of July Stipends.

The closing date for the validation was given together with other relevant information to guide the coordinators on how to go about with the current validation (July 2020). See an extract of the circular Below:


Validations for July 2020 Trainee Stipend Payment Validation will be opened and fully functional from today Friday, July 24 to Friday, July 31, 2020. The system shall close at 22:00GMT (10 PM) on July 31, 2020, which is the deadline for all DCs and RCs to validate and approve payments.

All coordinators must be guided by the following and where necessary advice accordingly;

Please take Note that after our system evaluation and feedback sessions at the zonal level this month, all Coordinators know how to reset validations, so from this Month, July 2020, we shall consider all validations as accurate and shall expect issues of “mistakenly” validated.

Ensure you double-check your validations carefully before submitting and ensure to submit them early to your Regional Coordinators for approval. Follow up with Regional Coordinators to approve.

Those automatically tagged NOT ELIGIBLE are these categories; Declined for the month, Not Placed, and not accepted placement in the system.

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The following categories who were validated by DCs in previous validations would also appear Not Eligible;

  • Deceased,
  • Permanently Employed,
  • Exited Program,
  • Vacated Post and  Not Reported.

Henceforth, these validations shall be deemed accurate and such trainees set aside for deletion from the system.

Once validated, submitted and approved, trainees portals would show the following;

Those validated Eligible to be paid will show “Payment Processing”, (payment processing means payments are being processed and for those who change their eZwich cards to new cards or have invalid cards the processes could take longer). Note that we continue to validated and verify new/cards, provide feedback where available, and continue to pay those verified any validated outstanding.

Those Validated Not Eligible to be paid will show “Validated Not be paid/The reason”,

Those Not validated by DCs will show “Not Validated by District ”,

Those validated, submitted by DCs but the submitted validations not approved by RCs will show “Validation by District but Not Approved by Region” and

After payment when those with payment processing are paid, their portals will change to their “paid” status and if they are issues, feedback will be provided; Hot cards, Invalid USN, Names Mismatch, Duplicate eZwich/Department, Inactive FI (Bank), Payment under Investigation, NSS, FC-Forestry, etc.

When to Expect Payment of Stipends

Looking at the current NABCO Payment trend, Payment for the May and June stipends were done in the first week of the presiding month. For instance, May stipends were paid on the 7th of July while the June stipend was also paid on the 7th of July. So from the previous payment trends, trainees should expect their July stipends from Monday 3 to Friday 7th August 2020.

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