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NABCO NEW Recruitment/Replacement: True or Fake? See Details Below

Earlier today, there has been some information circulating on the various social media platforms regarding the opening of NABCO portal for new recruitment/replacement. Many were those looking to know if the portal has actually been open for fresh application or not.

If you are here, that means you are looking for an update on the new NABCO recruitment/replacement and if our guess is right, then in this article we are going to clarify things for you. The NABCO recruitment portal has not been open for new applicants, neither was it open for replacement as reported by some media/blogs based on a circular sighted.

The NABCO CEO, in a circular sighted by our team entitled ” KEY UPDATES ON THE STATUS OF THE NATION BUILDERS CORPS (NABCO) IN THE THIRD YEAR OF THE SCHEME”  highlighted the key activities and way forward for NABCO HQ Staff, Regional Coordinators, Regional Monitors, and District Coordinators which included future recruitment and Replacement. In his statement, he made mention that,

“Once we are certain of the difference in the numbers of trainees actively engaged from those who have not progressed to the CPTP Exit profiles, we will replace the exited trainees.”

Considering the above statement, it means the replacement has not been open yet and maybe if it will be open then that will be after the current trainees have exited or transitioned into permanent jobs at their various institutions.

See the Excerpt from the NABCO Update regarding the replacement and future Recruitment and make meaning out of it by yourself.

Replacement and Future Recruitment

Once we are certain of the difference in the numbers of trainees actively engaged from those who have not progressed to the CPTP Exit profiles, we will replace the exited trainees. Kindly note that replacement applies a democratic formula that affects all districts across all sixteen regions.

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NABCO recruitment does not entail any fees, costs or financial payments to be enrolled: any member of staff engaged in such fraudulent behaviour will be dealt with using the appropriate disciplinary sanctions. It is equally our responsibility to report such criminal acts when it comes to our attention. At all times, we must try to safeguard the integrity of the organisation.

For new Regions, an arrangement is being discussed to appoint temporarily Acting Regional Coordinators to affect Oti, Western North, North East, Savannah, Bono East, and Ahafo Regions. Current Regional Coordinators for these regions will be consulted in due course.

As you can see, from the above excerpt, there is no place that indicated that the NABCO portal has been opened for new recruitment or replacement of trainees. It’s only informing the various staff about the criteria they will follow should in case there is going to be a new replacement.

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